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The energy has been moving us for more than 40 years

We are a Santander-based company established on June 9, 1983, with over 40 years of presence in the electrical sector. We have traveled a long path of changes and learning since our beginnings as manufacturers of electronic stabilizers, transitioning to the production of switchboards, and currently, we are consolidated in the market of electrical busways with our brand Energy Way


A journey marked by resilience, learning, and adaptation to change
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On June 9, 1983, Industrias Onar was born as a company dedicated to the manufacturing of electronic stabilizers, UPS, and battery chargers.

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In 1984, we acquired a plot of land in Bucaramanga (Cra 11 No 1A - 16) where we built our first warehouse, which still serves as our current location.

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Starting in 1993, in response to the influx of contraband equipment, we chose to focus on the production of medium and low voltage electrical panels, prioritizing industrial automation.

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In November 1994, we purchased a second warehouse to expand production. We established metalworking and painting sections to enhance the quality of our products.

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In 2004, we began the quality accreditation process with ISO 9001-2000 certification, a certificate that we have maintained and updated year after year to the present date.

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In 2011, we obtained the RETIE certification for the manufacturing of switchboards, medium-voltage cells, and fire-rated doors.

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In 2016, due to the oil crisis affecting our primary clients, we had to change direction once again. We initiated the design of the Energy Way electrical busways.

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In 2018, in collaboration with an integrator, we carried out the first installation of Energy Way electrical busways in the Extractora San Fernando S.A. project.

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In 2019, we received Intertek product certification number EL-CS-190001, seal type 5-ISO/IEC17067, a certification that we have renewed to date.

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Since 2019, we have completed more than 40 energization projects in collaboration with our partners, and we continue to grow with our Energy Way electrical busways.

Advantages of choosing us

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The ENERGY WAY electrical busways are 100% produced in Colombia by us, Industrias Onar. By purchasing our product, you are supporting the country's growth and choosing a product with competitive quality, costs, and delivery times.

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Our patented joint system allows for easy assembly and disassembly with minimal effort. The joint is integrated into the busway, optimizing materials, costs and space in your projects.

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Our location, the advantage of having stock of standard parts, and our joint system that reduces the number of pieces in an assembly; are factors that make our prices highly competitive compared to competitors of the same quality.

Experience backs us up

Now that we know each other, we are here to help you improve the efficiency of your power busways projects.
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We are INDUSTRIAS ONAR, manufacturers of ENERGY WAY busways. We are a Colombian company established on June 9, 1983, with over 40 years of presence in the electrical sector

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