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Who are we?

Industrias ONAR

Industrias ONAR is a Santander-based company with over 40 years of presence in the electrical sector. We have traversed a long journey of changes and learning since our beginnings as manufacturers of electronic stabilizers, transitioning to the manufacturing of electrical panels, and currently as manufacturers of ENERGY WAY busways.

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Why you should install busways instead of cables in your projects?


These are some of the projects we have worked on with our partners, the integrators.

The Food Production Center in Campo Rubiales, the largest in the country at 5.255 m² with a capacity for 2.700 servings per shift, processes approximately 20 tons of food daily. For the interconnection of the substation and power distribution, ENERGY WAY busways of 2.500, 1.250, and 630 amperes were installed.
Partmo Filters, with a 10.000 m² plant, decided to renovate its power system in 2021. Prior to the renovation, power distribution was carried out using electrical cables on cable trays. They had a 2.500 A circuit at 220 V, about 80 meters long, and another 1.000 A circuit at 440 V, also approximately 80 meters long.
The Infinity Sky Club is a 38 floor skyscraper located in Bucaramanga. It features 287 apartments and 3.000 square meters of social areas. For this iconic mega-project, we handled ENERGY WAY busways in the substation interconnection, which were 2.500 A at 1.000 V.

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We are INDUSTRIAS ONAR, manufacturers of ENERGY WAY busways. We are a Colombian company established on June 9, 1983, with over 40 years of presence in the electrical sector

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