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Why is ENERGY WAY the best option?

  • Our aluminum bars are coated with a polymer that protects them from the environment while also acting as an insulating element.


  • Our aluminum bars are completely separated from each other, and this space serves as insulation. This separation is achieved by rigid mounting insulators that support them across the entire width, resulting in very good short-circuit capacity and low noise due to magnetic vibration.


  • Our insulator materials are thermosetting polymers, with low smoke emission and self-extinguishing properties, translating into safety in case of fire.


  • The EWA1 busway line is designed with Group II insulators, mounted in a configuration that results in Pollution Degree 2, with an insulation level to work up to 1.000 V AC, providing a high safety margin when installed at 220 or 480V.
  • In ductwork with busways, it is crucial to ensure connectivity between their accessories with the least possible energy loss, in an easy and secure manner. To fulfill this purpose, our bars and connectors are metallized at their contact points with a silver alloy, significantly enhancing conductivity performance.


  • Our patented joint system is very easy to assemble, with low losses, and DOES NOT require periodic readjustments, unlike other busway systems. Our system features a strap that maintains the pressure of the connection on the bars despite expansions due to temperature. To ensure that the strap always operates within its elastic zone, we have a standard for a safe torque limit (independent of the skill level of the installing operator).
  • The enclosure of our busways is made of galvanized sheet metal configured in a profile that provides structural rigidity and IK10 level resistance to crushing and impact. Additionally, the assembly is done with bicromatized screws.


  • The water protection of our busways is rated at IP55 (for indoor use). Additionally, the dark-colored electrostatic paint finish enhances heat radiation properties.


  • The metal casing acts as a shield for electromagnetic emissions, making our busways suitable for installation in areas sensitive to magnetic fields such as data centers, hospitals, etc.
  • For the design of a duct system, we provide tables of guaranteed electrical characteristics in order to calculate electrical losses and regulation, as well as to verify the busway’s capacity for short-circuit currents.
Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras de alimentación Curva Joint


The quality and reliability of our Energy Way busways are certified according to standard IEC 61439-6:2012, Resolution 90708/2013 RETIE, section 20.6.3; product certificate EL-CS-190001 with the following tests:

  • Dielectric properties, including insulation and leakage distances. 
  • Heating tests (temperature rise). 
  • Effectiveness of the protection circuit. 
  • Structural resistance. 
  • Verification of safety distances and leakage paths. 
  • Crush resistance. 
  • Verification of resistance and reactance. 
  • Verification of heat and fire resistance of insulating materials. Short-circuit level (resistance to short circuits). 
  • Degree of protection or type of enclosure. 
  • Resistance to flame propagation. Mechanical operation.
Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras Energy Way Flange Conexión Subestación


We offer medium and low voltage busways according to their functionality, available in feeder and distribution versions; the former is used to carry energy point-to-point, while the latter is utilized to power loads along its route, distributing energy.

Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras Energy Way

Feeder Busways

They carry energy from point A to point B without interruptions.

Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras Energy Way Caja de Salida Distribución

Plug-In busways

They supply loads along the route from A to B, distributing the energy.

Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras Energy Way T Vertical


We offer accessories for feeder and plug-in busways to accommodate any route.

Electroductos Energy Way Electrobarras Energy Way Soporte Vertical Antisismo


Here you will find some complementary accessories for the busways.

Now that you are familiar with our product...

Calculate the savings of installing Energy Way vs the wired solution.
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We are INDUSTRIAS ONAR, manufacturers of ENERGY WAY busways. We are a Colombian company established on June 9, 1983, with over 40 years of presence in the electrical sector

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